The only providers of online & off line coaching for all DGMS statutory exams in India.

100% success in orals of those who passed with ONYX coaching.


The DGMS statutory exam coaching is available for 1st class, 2nd class and Foreman exams. The notes is given in hard copy as per syllabus.

The exams are covered in multiple papers of 50 questions each, and all the questions are mixed together and presented as 'GRAND TESTS' with 80 questions each. Each paper can be attempted 3 times.


The DGMS exams incorporate NEGATIVE MARKING. For that reason ONYX exams also providing practice with NEGATIVE MARKING for wrong answers.A candidate will practice with caution and do the same in exams in future.Another feature of interest is the '50-50' choice.In this candidate can opt to ask computer to remove two wrong answers.Please remember that this feature is only with our exams and not with DGMS exams.


The notes is in simple English for the candidate to understand.

Especially in legislation the candidates feel the difficulty in interpreting the meaning. This is completely eliminated with the way that we presented the notes.

We are providing libraries to the candidate based on selected packages. Materials,document available in the libraries.


ONYX assures that there will be no need of any class room coaching. But for doubling your confidence we will conduct class room coaching at Hyderabad just before one month of the exam dates on separate payment.

During right time the notification of class room coaching will be sent to all the candidates.

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